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Richard Moore
Born in United States
24 years
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Joyce Thoughts of you April 24, 2020
It has been many years , but the momories live on, something that will never go away.
You are so missed it hurts my heart, I loved    you like a son, and you will forever remain in my heart.
 Bless you Richard, and one day we will all meet again,,,,,,
Dad My other half is here with Nicole! February 5, 2020
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Dad Miss you! February 5, 2020
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Dad 2/5/06-2/5/2020 February 5, 2020
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2/5/06  - 2/5/20 Rest in Peace my sweet precious Rich!  Fourteen years just seems impossible! The days ,months, years pass but the nights are so long. Restless just thinking about you. How could things have been different? What did I miss ,where did I go wrong? Looking for answers and the only thing I know for sure is that you are not here.
I know that in heaven you are feeling only joy and happiness and I know in my heart you are with our heavenly Father but it is still so hard to accept you are not here with Nicole and I. We feel you so vividly, never leave us spiritually stay especially close to Nicole, you were all she had if I were to go.
We miss you so hard like it were yesterday, no day passes with out thoughts of you.
We love you RWM so, so very much!

Aunt Reen Miss you Rich! February 5, 2018
We were so close, I miss everything about you, your smile, your hugs, your laughter,your beautiful eyes, your smile, your sense of humor! I just miss you!!

Miss You Nephew 
Dad 02-5-06 02-05-18 Heavenly Anniversary February 5, 2018

There was one thing that changed when you left Rich, EVERYTHING !!!

I don't need a special day to bring you to mind! The days I don't think of you are very hard to find! Each morning when I awake I know that you are gone, and no one knows the heartache as I try to carry on.  My heart aches with sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you no one will ever know. My thoughts are always with you.Your place, no one can ever fill. In Life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still!
Rest in Peach Rich . May God Bless you and until we meet again son , I love you more than Life itself!
Nicole Moore It's going to happen! September 19, 2017

Image result for Shes getting married imageIt's finally happening Rich, She's going to do it!  , I know your are near, never leave her or us! God do we miss you !

JOYCE friend April 16, 2017
Richard,,, Its Easter, you jumped into my mind,,,,,, I miss you, I wish  coud have helped
you...You were truly loved in our family.....ITS been years but I still feel the pain of your absence...Love you my Precious Richard. May God Bless you
Dad Richard February 10, 2017

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Dad Richard my son! February 10, 2017
Thanks Mom
Dad 11 years 2/5/06-2/5/17 February 5, 2017
Why I still ask, it doesn't get easier just more difficult ! Rich time just keeps moving but my heart stopped eleven years ago ! 
Wishing you a happy heavenly birthday Rich !
Stay near to us keep us close as can be.  Nicole misses you terribly, you were her best friend.
My heart aches for you ,May God keep you in the palm of his hand until we meet again! 
Love and miss you with my heart and soul! 
Dad 10 Year Heavenly Anniversary 2/5/06-2/5/16 February 1, 2016


Sometimes I catch a glimpse,
In softened waves of blue
My child, my heart ...when I see a smile
I can't help but think of you

Sometimes these waves fill oceans.
And feelings string on every shore
A collections of each memory
And every way I wish for more

Sometimes I watch for answers
Because each day I call to you
I ask for faith and courage
And strength help me through

Sometimes I ask for bravery
Like dolphins in the deep
Because time moves oh so slowly
And some times the road is steep

Sometimes I want to scream
This was not what I had planned
Why you ever suffered
A dad can't understand

Sometimes I hear your laughter
And remember you at play
But My Child I always miss you
Not sometimes, but everyday

Rest in peace loving Richard! You are sorely missed every minute of the day. Keep us close . Love you more than life!  Dad
Joyce Remember the Owl August 19, 2014
I purchased an OWL, It is displayed in my yard,,,,,It is there as a reminder of you and how you loved YOUR OWL.....B
Nicole Nanook May 17, 2014
Nookie just passed Away...I know u were there to guide her through.... She was there for you when you left too... wish I could call you.... It's not fun not hearing your laugh or not having my best friend here. NOT FAIR. I could drop to the floor and throw a temper tantrum like a toddler about how much it hurts.... But ill just lay here and cry my eyes out instead. Miss you forever love you for always.....
Jamie The Sand pits January 29, 2014
Between the lake and the sand pits when we were kids.. Miss those days brother.
Joyce Memories May 10, 2013
The memories are endless...they are good and precious,,,,Richard the perfect young man,,,Miss your smile, miss your sense of reason,,,,miss your companionship,,,,May God Bless you......Forever in our hearts,,,The Wilkinson Family
Joyce Memories November 22, 2012
There are countless memories, But just remembering when Richard would come home and shovel the snow, out of the goodness of his heart,,,,,,The Baking, oh my he loved to bake,,,,,,, and he was so proud,,,,,,I must say Richard was one of a kind, Such a Wonderful thoughtful Young Man,,,,,,Richard you will  ALWAYS be in our hearts and we will ALWAYS love you   forever,,,,UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN,,,,,,, Love uuu
Joyce memories March 2, 2012
The owl in your babreque pit,,,You got such a kick out of that  owl,
You had so many fun times in your yard with your buddies,,,,,,
Dad 6th Anniversary in Heaven February 5, 2012
Richard W. Moore 6 Years in Heaven 2/5/12

Rich, as every hour passes it doesn't get easier it is a minute closer to the moment I see you! 6 years does not even seem possible! I know that you are in the most divine place you possibly could be. I believe that with my heart and soul! Know that you are never far just a heart beat away.I know we will meet again in Heaven. I feel you near stay close to Nicole and I and keep us in your wings! I am sending you the strongest hug I could possible give you! I miss you terribly! God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand! Until we meet again son, I love you so very very much!
Richard remember when you were here in fla and  your quest was to get  the granite  shiney and streak free   , I remember and I wish you were still here to do that for me,,,,, I miss you so much, we all do , It may be 5 years but it seems like yesterday you would call and we would chat, such a thoughtful young man,  We all love you and Miss you so much it hurts, God Bless you my Precious Richard, 

5th Anniversary in Heaven! 2/5/2006-2/5/2011

Is this even possible Rich? Where has the time gone? Losing a loved one as I knew, was one of the most dificult and emotional time in one's life. I had experienced losing loved one's however, a child I never imagined the pain that one heart could feel. There are no words that that can express what I am feeling with the loss of you Rich! The loss of your child is just unbearable. I keep waiting for time to help me heal, accept the fact that you are not here with us.Time only makes it harder not to talk to you, see you, hug you,laugh with you, hear you, or simply just youch you! I then try to turn to my faith! My Belief in God our Heavenly Father, I trust that you are with him in his Gracious Kingdom, that you are safe in in his arms feeling the infinity of his Love.

Know, that Nicole and I think of you always and we both carry you close in our hearts each and everyday. Keep your wings around us especially your sister keep her safe!

We love you Richard W.Moore and until we meet again God Bless you! We miss you terribly!




Well Richie another St. Patricks Day. I guess you have the closest view in Honoring Saint Patrick! Have a wonderful day! Miss you terribly Richie! Love you so very much! Watch over Nicole keep both wings around her!



Aunt Reen

Hey Rich,

Everyone knows this was one of your favorite days! Thinking of you Richie. Love you MOORE!  HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!! xxoo


4th Heavenly Anniversary in Heaven!

Richard W. Moore 1/27/82 - 2/5/06

My Dearest Richard,

I realize you are gone but yet never forgotten. Although we are apart, your spirit will always live within me, forever in my Heart! Your life was such a precious gift for what seems a little while but your loss just seems so wrong. It just doesn't seem right you left before me. You belong here with your loved ones especially Nicole.

Richie, We will always remember those blue eyes, that special smile, that caring heart, that warm embrace you always gave. You being there for Nicole and I and anyone you loved through good times and bad no matter what! We will always remember you Richie because they'll never be another one to replace you in our hearts and the love we will always have for you!

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand!  I love and Miss you terribly Richie! Rest in Peace Son! Keep your wings around us, Nicole and I!



It's not ice cream and it's not chocolate but it's the best I could do! Happy Birthday Rich! Enjoy your 28th Birthday day in Heaven! Love you!
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